About Breanne

Breanne grew up in Maui so her appreciation for tanned skin plus passion for skin care resulted in the best alternative to the sun, spray tanning!  With 9 years of experience in the beauty industry, a licensed California Cosmetologist and Esthetician she is now a master spray tanning artist perfecting over 10,000 spray tans!

"Spray tanning is like makeup for the body- I build the product slowly using very precise movements so that the color does not look flat. Contouring is the icing on the cake- both enhancing and minimizing parts of your body. There is no better feeling than having tanned and glowing skin!"

About the Salon

Welcome to the Bronzed by Breanne tanning studio, for the busy female looking to maintain a glow while on the go! We are a team of highly trained professionals with a customized spray tan for each individual client. Our approach to achieving the perfect spray tan is very unique, we believe there is a color and tone for every occasion. First we prepare the skin with a pH balance pre-spray. A balanced pH allows the tan to develop into a natural bronze color (never orange). The solution is applied in detailed motion allowing for an even tan while avoiding spray tanning giveaways (wrist and ankles). Contouring is the finishing touch it helps slimming and body enhancing effects.