We customize the color and tone to each individual skin type! Each airbrush spray tan includes a pH balance pre-spray that tones and hydrates your skin, ensuring an even long lasting tan. At the end of the tanning session contouring is included for slimming and body enhancing effects. The tan lasts 7-10 days!


Airbrush Spray Tan


Once applied you will feel dry and comfortable to carry along with your day/evening. During the developing time (8 hours) avoid any water on your skin and wear loose fitted dark clothing.


Quick Develop Tan


The quick tan takes 1-4 hours to develop depending on how you tan naturally, desired level and tone. Same great results, the only difference is showering sooner!  Wear loose fitted dark clothing until you shower, once you shower the tan will fully show up in 8 hours.



Exfoliating is key to a long lasting and even tan! We recommend using exfoliating gloves with your favorite soap. Come without any deodorant on and wear loose fitted dark clothing for post tan.



Each spray tan starts with a consultation. Depending on how you tan naturally, the occasion and tone of your skin- we will decide on a color together. You may choose to wear any undergarments or nothing at all (what you wear will be your tan line!) 



Once solution is applied you will feel dry and comfortable to carry along with your day (not feeling sticky just a healthy looking glow!) To keep the tan looking fresh avoid hot showers, pat dry with the towel and apply lotion (no mineral oil or petroleum in the ingredients.)